Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems

The name of the Programme: Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems

The title obtained by the graduate: diplomirani organizator kadrovskih in izobraževalnih sistemov (VS), diplomirana organizatorka kadrovskih in izobraževalnih  sistemov (VS) (Higher Education Diploma)

Duration: The study takes 3 years (6 semesters).

The objective of the Programme: The objective is to train students who will be capable of preparing a professional basis in organizations’ numerous fields, such as: Relationships between the employers and employees, ownership relationships, economic and social rights of the employees, effective adaption to the labour market and new forms of employment, and the attraction and selection of people, as the carriers of the most important development factor – human capital. The graduates will be able to use their knowledge from the fields of Human Resources Development, establishment of life-long learning, and design of knowledge organizations, based on the creativity of the employees, in practice both in economy, as well as in public services.

Subject-specific competences

The graduates are oriented in a distinctly applicative way. They are trained in the use of methodological knowledge to solve practical problems. In addition to that, they master the operational organization and coordination of personnel and educational activities in organizations, implement operational work in the field of search for and selection of personnel, hiring and firing of workers, upgrading of systematisation, analysis of the complexity, evaluation, and rewarding of work. Also, they plan and organize the processes of career development, education, and promotion of personnel, motivation for creative work, regulation of labour-legal relations, and social standards of workers. Besides that, the graduates are trained for the cooperation in research of needs for new knowledge, determination of employee satisfaction, measurement of work environment, work motivation, and the quality of relationships among the employees.

Their competency is supported strongly by knowledge from the field of Human Resource Management, Personnel Information Systems, Systems Analysis, organization of business systems, implementation of project work, decision-making systems, knowledge of business functions in organization, etc.

Profile of a graduate

A graduate shall have the capabilities of management, operational organization and coordination of human resource, educational, and organizational activities in the organization.

  • Curriculum 2022/2023
  • Curriculum 2023/2024

    Course unit Lecturer ECTS

    Contact hours

    Basics Of Quantitative Methods I J. Jerebic 7 90
    Business English A. Tratnik 5 51
    Basics of Business Management M. Marič 6 63
    Introduction To Law A. Igličar 6 63
    Computer Science And Informatics R. Leskovar, A. Baggia 6 78
    Organization And Management P. Šprajc 8 75
    Personnel Management M. Bernik 7 63
    Basic Principles Of Nature Sciences And Technology M. Senegačnik 8 63
    Basics Of Quantitative Methods II J. Jerebic 7 78


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Human Resources And Critical Infrastructure Management T. Ivanuša 7 66
    Basics In Education E. Jereb 8 69
    Risks And Crisis Management T. Ivanuša 6 66
    Human Resource Planning Methods And Techniques M. Bernik 7 66
    Administrative Office Management E. Jereb 8 69
    Business Communication M. Ferjan 6 66
    Marketing G. Vukovič 6 66
    Elective subject 1   6 66
    Elective subject 2   6 66

    Second Year - Elective subjects (student selects two of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Ergonomics  Z. Balantič 6 66
    Labour Law B. Vavtar 6 66
    Enterprise Systems G. Lenart 6 66


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Employment Process V. Novak 6 63
    Managing Organizational Behavior G. Miglič 6 63
    Introduction to Business Planning M. Marič 6 63
    e-HRM M. Kljajić Borštnar, A.Pucihar 6 63
    Elective subject 1   6 63
    Professional Skils G. Vukovič 20 10
    Diploma Thesis M. Bernik, A. Brezavšček 10 10

    Third Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Decision Support Systems U. Rajkovič 6 63
    Engineering Of Environmental Protection M. Senegačnik 6 63
  • The curriculum and course syllabuses that apply to the generations of students enrolled in the first year of study in the academic year 2023/24 are available HERE

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