Why should you study here?

As the leading higher education institution in the field of Organization and Management, and as a member of the second oldest university in Slovenia, we offer and provide:

Attractive Study Programmes

You can choose among the high-quality internationally accredited Study Programmes in the field of the Organization and Management of Business and Work Systems, Personnel and Educational Systems, and Information Systems.

High education quality

The Study Programmes have been adapted to the needs of the economy and non-economy and, as a result of this, an even more attractive study has been built in terms of its contents and organization. The progress of the scientific-research and pedagogic work of the habilitated Lecturers is evident both within and outside of our borders, which presents an added value at all levels of study, both for the students and the Faculty’s employees.

Possibility of distance study

We have developed the most advanced form of study via e-classroom, which will allow you to succeed despite your numerous daily duties. Namely, you will be able to study in a pleasant atmosphere and in a friendly and fun way, without the unnecessary stress, when the time allows you to do so. The accessible e-resources for all subjects will guide you to the knowledge needed in order to succeed in the business field. Wherever in the world you may be, you will always be guaranteed a contact with the Mentors, Tutors, and other students.

Block manner of study

The Faculty performs the so-called block manner of study, which helps distribute the student's workload equally and also enables a regular and better-quality learning.

Practical knowledge and experience

Our Faculty enables students to expand their theoretical knowledge in the real-time business environment. Over the course of their studies, the students can participate in various projects at home and abroad (RC IKT (Development Centre for Information and Communication Technologies) entrepreneurship incubator, “case study” competitions, etc.) and carry out a professional practical training in many successful Slovenian companies. In addition to that, we also enable performance of professional practical training in companies all over the world, with the help of organizations, such as AIESEC and the Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programmes.

High level of employability and career development

The best indicator of the good work of the Faculty is the graduates’ careers. Namely, the graduates of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (over 18,000 in total) are present in the most responsible managerial workplaces, both in the Government, Public Administration, Economy, Education, Health Care, as well as among the most successful Slovenian entrepreneurs. Permanent contact with the business environment is provided also by the Careers Centre of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Excellent study conditions

We can promote ourselves with the fact that we are considered to be one of the best equipped Faculties in the Slovenian region, as we have a modern infrastructure and the latest Information Technology at our disposal. All our students receive access to the free of charge Microsoft licensed software.

Study in Kranj

The city of Kranj is the economic, traffic, commercial, cultural, and educational centre of the Gorenjska Region. The city itself lies in a beautiful and diverse environment, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests, which present ideal possibilities for studying, as well as for all forms of recreation. The Faculty building is situated in the Campus, which is only a short walk away from the city centre. A dormitory and a multi-purpose hall can also be found in the Campus, in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty.

Come and see for yourself!

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