Organizacija Journal

The Organizacija Journal is an interdisciplinary, scientific, and technical journal that publishes articles from the fields of Organizational Sciences, Business Informatics, Production Systems, and Human Resources Management. The Journal covers predominantly the following sets of topics:

  • Design and renovation of business processes and organizational structures,
  • Organizational approaches and their application,
  • Organizational measures intended for the improvement of efficiency and successfulness of business systems,
  • Quality Management,
  • Human Resources Management (HRM),
  • Design and renovation of Information Systems,
  • Decision-making processes.

The Journal also covers various current fields of organizational theory and practice, trends, new methods, techniques and approaches, their implementation into the organizational practice and experience in their application.


Editor in Chief

Jože Zupančič


Sasha Dekleva

DePaul University, Chicago USA

Peter Doucek

University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic