History of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is a member of the University of Maribor whose seat is located in Kranj. The Faculty boasts itself with more than 60 years of tradition in the areas of education and scientific research within the PEOPLE – PROCESSES – INFORMATION triad that forms the foundation of expert and managerial work in organizations. On 13th September, 2018, the Faculty celebrated a high jubilee on its 60th anniversary of operation. During the entire period of operation the Faculty has schooled over 20,000 graduates who went on to work as experts and managers in different job positions, namely in the fields of Economy, Education, Health, Public Administration, and various other sectors.

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is engaged in the theory and practice of organization of business and work systems, information systems, and human resourse and educational systems. The Faculty’s educational activity, which includes the Chairs, the Information Technology Centre, and a library with an INDOK Centre, takes place within the pedagogic unit. The scientific and research activity is organised within the Organization and Management Institute, the Research Centre, and the individual laboratories. In addition to that, the Faculty also has an Education and Counselling Centre and the Moderna Organizacija Publishing House. Moreover, the Faculty publishes the scientific journal called “Organizacija”.  

Throughout its years of operation, the Faculty has established connections with numerous Institutes, Faculties, and Universities around the world, which enable cooperation in the fields of students’ exchange and research work, cooperation of institutions in organization and participation in various conferences from the fields covered by the individual Institutions, the exchange of various study literature, etc.

The mission of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, as a socially beneficial organization, is to contribute to the development of the environment by implementing the scientific and research activity, higher education of students, life-long education and training, counselling, conference activity, publishing activity, and other activities of higher education establishments, in accordance with the internationally recognised principles of quality in higher education and established models of business excellence, in the domestic and international areas, in the following material scopes: Organization and Management, Engineering of business and work systems, Personnel Management, Environmental Management, Quality Management, quantitative methods in organizational sciences, Information Systems, and other material scopes.

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