History of the Conference Activity

The origins of the Conference activity reach back into the year 1967 when the then Short-Cycle College for Organization of Work organized a Yugoslav Symposium on responsibility in work organizations. The Symposium, which had a large response, was attended by 600 participants from all Yugoslav Republics.

Later, in 1968, when the Centre for Functional Education and Counselling (today’s Centre for Education and Counselling) was introduced, the Centre, besides its basic tasks of functional education and counselling, took care also of the conference activity in the form of organizing various consultations and conferences. 

Throughout history, and up to now, the Centre for Education and Counselling has organized various conferences and consultations, namely the international conferences on information science development (the organization of these conferences has, subsequently, been taken over by the Centre for Electronic Commerce), international conferences on the education of adults, conferences of education in information society, and annual consultation of work organizers (later the International Conference of Organizational Science).

More information on the conference activity in the Faculty can be obtained in the Centre for Education and Counselling of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences: