Research center

The Research Centre, which is registered with the Slovenian Research Agency under the code 0586-003, combines 45 registered Researchers, of which there are 32 Professors, 8 Assistants, 1 Researcher, 2 Young Researchers, and 2 professional Assistants. The Researchers operate in the eCentre, the independent laboratories, and in the Centre for Applied Researches. The laboratories are designed for the purpose of practical implementation of research and educational work in the form of research assignments and projects. The Researchers are involved both in domestic research projects, tendered by the Ministries, and in the international European projects from the Research Programmes of the European Commission. In addition to that, the Researchers are also included into the applied projects executed in partnership with other organizations.

From spring 2005 on, the Project Office, which serves as a support service for the purposes of monitoring calls for tenders, cooperation in the preparation of project proposals, and cooperation in the monitoring of projects, has been operating within the Research Centre. Up to now, the Project Office has applied for and completed over 25 domestic and European projects successfully.

The Research Centre is also responsible for the implementation of the Postgraduate Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. General information on doctoral studies for doctoral candidates and doctoral students are published under the studies.

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