Crisis Management

The name of the Programme: Crisis Management

The title obtained by the graduate: diplomirani krizni menedžer (VS), diplomirana krizna menedžerka (VS)

Duration: The study takes 3 years (6 semesters).

Students complete the studies upon performing all envisaged obligations in the programme, successfully defending the final paper and collecting at least 180 ECTS credit points in total.

Crisis management is an inevitable component of all business processes in organizations both in state-owned and private enter­prises. Due to social, economic and cultural changes faced in Slovenia and abroad the short term goal is to develop a study program in Slovenia covering the field of crisis management. In public administration, in the field of protection, rescue and critical infrastructure, there is a pressing need for an effective response to crisis situations. The need for skills in the field of crisis management is permanently present in the management of organizations. Furthermore, the field of crisis management is associated with the organization and preparation of comprehensive plans needed for risk situations and crisis in organizations and society. Graduate of the Crisis Management degree program is trained in the application of methodological knowledge (analytics, simulation and modelling) in solving practical problems of crisis management, further he is trained to manage operational crisis management in different organizations, of performing operational work in the field of crisis management and coordination, and furthermore to plan and organize work with human resources, to resolve uncertainties and establishes basic mechanisms of stress management in organizations in case of crisis.

The objective of the Crisis management program is to educate students for:

  • facing uncertainty and comprehensive risk management;
  • the ability to mediate and solve crisis situations in the area of internal risk management in organizations, external risk management associated with organizations and external risk management that extend beyond the framework of organizations;
  • crisis prevention at the organizational level and in the environment; and
  • acquiring managerial competencies (strategy design, goal setting, operation management, information management, management of people and other resources) and personal competencies (professional development, psychology, social skills, self-management).


  • Curriculum 2022/2023
  • Curriculum 2023/2024

    Course unit Lecturer ECTS

    Contact hours

    Crisis governance and management - basics I. Podbregar 6 75
    English crisis management terminology  A. Tratnik 6 60
    Psychology in crisis management M. Meško 6 75
    Legal regulation of crisis management B. Vavtar 6 75
    Information systems for crisis management G. Lenart 6 75
    Human Resources and Crisis E. Jereb 8 75
    Basic understanding of critical infrastructure I. Podbregar 7 75
    Decision–making in a crisis I. Podbregar 8 75
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) M. Urh 7 75


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Crisis governance and management at national and multicultural leve I. Podbregar 8 75
    Crisis management and response F. Ž. Županič 8 75
    Crisis communication P. Šprajc 7 75
    Uncertainty and stress management in crisis I. Podbregar 7 75
    Analytics J. Jerebic 6 75
    Simulation and modelling A. Škraba 6 75
    CBRNE dangers and CBRNE deterrence organization T. Ivanuša 6 75
    Elective subject 1   6 75
    Elective subject 2   6 75

    Second Year - Elective subjects (student selects two of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Project Management T. Kern 6 75
    Aviation safety and security management I. Podbregar 6 75
    Basics of Information Security B. Markelj 6 75


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Operational manual of crisis management J. Žirovnik 6 75
    Risk management I. Podbregar 6 75
    Management and governance of European community's critical infrastructure I. Podbregar 6 75
    Ethics in crisis P. Šprajc 6 75
    Professional skils G. Vukovič 20 10
    Diploma Thesis   10 10
    Elective subject 3   6 75

    Third Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Self-protection of civilian population and survival T. Ivanuša 6 75
    Social recovery of communities M. Meško 6 75
  • The curriculum and course syllabuses that apply to the generations of students enrolled in the first year of study in the academic year 2023/24 are available HERE

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