Undergraduate Professionally Oriented Study Programmes

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters), the Programme is comprised of 180 credit points in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Manners and forms of study performance:

  • The Study Programme of the Undergraduate Studies will be implemented as full-time and part-time study. Up to 55% of the courses will be carried out at a distance.
  • The part-time study will be carried out in proportion up to 1/3 of the full-time Study Programme. The lectures in the part-time study are conducted sequentially, with the regular performance of exams. The exams are carried out in the afternoon, normally from Monday to Friday, starting at 17:00.

Undergraduate Professional Study Programme (First-Cycle):

Manners and forms of study performance:

The study programme will be performed as part-time study programme.

From 50% to 100% of the courses will be carried out remotely (methods and organizational forms of studies will be flexible, which means that student athletes will be able to study along with their sports career. Because of this, a large part of studies will be carried out online. For the courses with a required face-to-face teaching method (such as sports medicine, accounting, etc.), learning content will be supplied with the possibility of active participation of the participants in the education process).

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