Vision and mission


The Institute for Organization and Management represents a dynamic environment, which combines researchers, students, and other experts. Moreover, the Institute also promotes the scientific and research activity of the Faculty in conjunction with the economy.


The Institute was created in the field of Management and Organization in order to implement the basic, applied, development, and other projects and to perform the professional, advisory, and other services funded from public funds or from the funds of research work clients.

The fundamental mission derives from the Statute of the University of Maribor that defines the following tasks of the Institute:

  • Organization and implementation of the scientific and research activities,
  • Cooperation in the preparation of programmes of the scientific-research work of the University’s member,
  • Performance of professional, advisory and other services,
  • Cooperation in the education of research personnel,
  • Taking care for the development of the scientific disciplines and professions by passing on new knowledge and scientific findings,
  • Promoting the students’ inclusion into the research work and cooperation in the postgraduate study of the students,
  • Cooperation with the research and other organizations in the field of Research,
  • Studying the possibilities and forms of transferring the scientific-research findings into practice,
  • Enabling the introduction of students into research work,
  • Organization of scientific and professional conferences in the field of its activities,
  • Cooperation with Chairs from the same field,
  • Implementation of the life-long learning programme.  

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