Department of Enterprise Engineering

Department of Enterprise Engineering (DEE) deals with the engineering and issues of modern management and the administration and regulation of business and work systems. The DEE supports the network in order to ensure an unimpeded, uncompromising, constant, and stable flow of thoughts, actions, reactions, and countless activities. The operation of connections is backed by knowledge, experience, solutions, improvements, and innovations. The DEE directs the development of tools and methods that ensure an optimal way to success and ensure the competitiveness in organisations.

In the educational field, the DEE provides the presence of a selection of knowledge, which is indispensable in small and large systems, such as Trade, Banking, Insurance, Industry, Farming, Telecommunications, Media, Logistics, Tourism, Public Sector Services, Health Care Services, etc.

The DEE is connected with the environment we inhabit, which needs us and, of course, employs us, at home, in Europe or elsewhere around the world, in all elements of its activity.

Principal of the Department:  Zvone Balantič, PhD, Full-Professor