Academic Assembly

The Academic Assembly is the supreme body of the Faculty, which operates on the basis of the academic freedom and democratic expression of opinions and points-of-view of its members. It is composed of all higher education Lecturers, scientific workers, higher education colleagues, and students’ representatives elected by the Student Council of the member, in such a way that their number is at least one-fifth of the members of the Academic Assembly. The term of the members of the Academic Assembly of the member, from the ranks of students, is one (1) year, while the term in the case of the employees is tied to their employment status. From all the employed members, the members of the Academic Assembly elect the President and his/her Deputy for the term of four (4) years. The formal powers of the Academic Assembly are:

  • Elections of the members of the Faculty’s Senate,
  • Management of the selection procedure of the candidates running for the position of the Dean who are later proposed to the Faculty’s Senate.
  • Handling and recognition of the member’s development programme,
  • Consideration of a report on the work of the member and making proposals and initiatives to the Senate’s member,
  • And performance of other tasks determined by the Statute of the University of Maribor or the legislation.

The President of the Academic Assembly of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences: Matjaž Roblek, PhD

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