Enterprise Engineering

The name of the Programme: Master Study Programme (Second-Cycle): Enterprise Engineering

The title obtained by the graduate: magister poslovnih sistemov, magistrica poslovnih sistemov (Master’s Degree)

Duration: The study takes 2 years (4 semesters).

The objective of the Programme: The essential objective of the Enterprise Engineering Master Study Programme is to educate and train the student in terms of:

  • Understanding of the business environment from the aspect of the selected field of study,
  • Independent research and professional work,
  • In-depth researching of new methods of planning, organization, management and control of business processes and systems, and the evaluation of their broad and narrow usability,
  • Critical thinking and analytical solving of the most complex business problems in the light of study interest area.

Subject-specific competences

Students acquire the following competences:

  • They are solvers of engineering problems in the context of business and production systems, and critical thinkers,
  • They use the system concepts in the understanding and identification of problems,
  • Are able to apply both traditional, as well as new concepts and knowledge,
  • Understand that the system is composed of people, processes, and adequately used information,
  • Gain solid ethical principles, skills for an effective interpersonal communication, and the ability to work in a team,
  • Have the necessary competences for the management of business and production processes and projects.
  • Curriculum 2022/2023
  • Curriculum 2023/2024

    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Statistics In Research K. Breznik 7 75
    Supply Chain Management D. Mežnar 8 60
    Corporate Sustainability M. Maletič 7 60
    Business Process Engineering And Digital Transformation T. Kern 8 60
    Quality Management And Business Excellence Approaches D. Maletič 7 60
    Business And Production Information Systems D. Mežnar 8 60
    Risk Management I. Podbregar 8 60
    Elective subject 1   7 60

    First Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Business Intelligence M. Marolt 7 60
    Decision Theory M. Kljajić Borštnar 7 60


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Engineering Systems Design Z. Balantič 8 60
    Product Lifecycle Management M. Maletič 8 60
    Multi Project Management T. Kern 8 60
    Work Physiology Z. Balantič 7 60
    Modern Organization And Management Tools P. Šprajc 6 60
    Elective subject 1   7 60
    Elective subject 2   6 60
    Master Thesis Z. Balantič, A. Brezavšček 10 10

    Second Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects with 7 ECTS    and    one of the following elective subjects with 6 ECTS):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Knowledge Management I. Podbregar 6 60
    Green Information Systems A. Baggia 6 60
    Environmental Management  M. Maletič, M. Senegačnik 7 60
    Competency Models I. Podbregar 7 60
  • The curriculum and course syllabuses that apply to the generations of students enrolled in the first year of study in the academic year 2023/24 are available HERE

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