Department of Informatics

By their nature, the tasks of the Chair for Informatics are connected with the informatics and encompass the following especially:

  • Cooperation in the preparation of Study and Research Work Programmes,
  • Consideration of the issues and problems which arise in the implementation of Study Programmes and direction and coordination of the educational and scientific and research work,
  • Development of the scientific disciplines on which the Study Programmes are based and the scientific disciplines from the related or interdisciplinary connected fields with the help of the scientific and research activity, basic research especially,
  • Ensuring the transfer of scientific-research achievements and new findings into the educational process and their implementation into the Study Programmes at all levels of study,
  • Development of modern teaching methods and adjustment of the professional terminology,
  • Monitoring and analysing the study successes and successes in the scientific-research field and then reporting on them,
  • Taking care of the professional and scientific development of the higher education Lecturers, scientific workers, and their colleagues,
  • Proposing the topics of Degree Papers,
  • Planning and verifying the study literature and other paraphernalia,
  • Organization of the expert consultations and discussing the reports of attendance in expert consultations,
  • Collaboration with the organizations and units of the same and related fields within the University and outside,
  • May also perform the life-long learning programmes.

Principal of the Department: Robert Leskovar, PhD

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