Research Activity in Practice

Mobile application Prva pomoč (First Aid)

In October 2013, Telekom Slovenije d.d., in cooperation with the Red Cross of Slovenia (Rdeči križ Slovenije), launched a new application of Telekom Slovenija titled “Prva pomoč”, intended for the users of smart phones.

The conceptual design of the application was formed years ago in the Laboratory of Ergonomics of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, headed by Zvone Balantič, PhD, Professor. In 2011, a student of the university studies, Sandra Bajde, wrote a university graduate paper under Balantič’s supervision with the title: “Use of a Mobile Phone in the Administering of First Aid”.

Given the clear definitions of the status of technical capabilities of smart phones and realistic environments where such an application could be used, various researches that later helped in the development of the application itself, were conducted within the Laboratory of Ergonomics.

They researched the use of a mobile guide of Basic Life Support (BLS) and the possibility of shortening the BLS execution time, and whether the execution of BLS is more correct with the use of the mobile guide of BLS or without the use of mobile guide. They also measured the time component of the fastest still suitable execution of the individual BLS and checked the knowledge of the theoretical basics in administering of first aid and general recognition of a heart attack`s symptoms.

The given results confirmed the expectations that the aforementioned approach enables especially the correctness of the BLS execution in the first and most crucial moments of administering of aid to the affected person. Considering the fact that, today, the cardiovascular diseases present the most important cause of morbidity and mortality, the idea was presented to the members of the Emergency Internal Medicine Service team at the University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, and to the Programmers of the company Žejn d.o.o. 

An initial team was formed, which forwarded the idea to the company Telekom Slovenija. Based on the coordination and joining of opinions and experiences of the indigenous experts, the team was enriched further with experts from the Red Cross Slovenia and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences and so, the team that developed the application was created. The team did not stop itself only at the thematic of cardiac arrest, but the first version of the application brought together 20 specific situations, identified by the first aid:

  • Motionless person,
  • Heart attack, severe and sudden pain in chest,
  • Stroke,
  • Choking, airway obstruction due to the presence of a foreign body,
  • Bleeding (severe),
  • Allergic reaction, anaphylaxis,
  • Amputated finger,
  • Epileptic seizure,
  • Burn wounds,
  • Head injuries,
  • Spinal injuries,
  • Eye injuries,
  • Teeth injuries,
  • Psychological distress, panic attack,
  • Wounds,
  • Diabetes – complications,
  • Poisoning,
  • Fracture of the leg,
  • Fracture of the arm,
  • Sprains and dislocations.  

It can be concluded that the »Prva pomoč« application is the product of a wide range of experts, who have joined their knowledge and ideas from the fields of Medicine, Health Care, Ergonomics, Informatics, Programming, Telecommunications, and Video Production.

The application is intended for general use; therefore, we invite you to download it to your smart mobile devices (Androids). In doing so, you will join a large group of satisfied users who carry this indispensable »tool« with them and are, thus, becoming a part of the community that is aware of the importance of the first seconds of first aid to a person, at the moment when the simulation changes into the fight for a life.

The direct link to download the Android application: link

The direct link to download the iOS (Apple) application: link

These links can be accessed directly via the link from your mobile phones, or you can also connect to Google Play, select Prva pomoč Telekom Slovenija from the list of applications and, thus, install it. The application also includes a mandatory part – a button for the direct link with the Public Safety Answering Point (112).

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