Management in Health and Social Welfare

The essential objective of the Programme is the creation of a graduate, who, in accordance with the acquired competencies within the Study Programme, is needed by health, social and other institutions that plan to employ graduates with the purpose of their successful and efficient operation and the achievement of the set goals. Due to the fact that an organization operates as an open system and because it consists of individual interconnected elements, it is clear that all their components must be well-managed, which is indicated clearly by the fact – need for experts at all levels of governance and management.

The graduates will gain the competencies of managing the use of research methods, procedures and processes and critical and self-critical judgement in a working environment. In addition to that, they will be capable to prepare work studies and syntheses, and to predict the solutions and consequences of such transfer of acquired knowledge for use in practice. The graduates will be capable to work in a team while, at the same time, will also gain the competencies of autonomy in the implementation of their professional work. Over the course of the Study Programme, the graduates will also gain the knowledge that will impact optimally on their communication capabilities and skills’ development, especially the communication in the working environment through the use of ethical reflection and commitment to professional ethics.

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