Research areas

Research activity of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences is defined by the interdisciplinarity and the integration of different scientific fields. The research activities take place mostly in the form of research-development projects, which are carried out within the independent laboratories and in the context of the »Decision-Support Systems in the Electronic Commerce« Research Programme.

One of the most important segments of the research activity at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences is also the cooperation with the economy and wider local community. Our collaboration with the partner universities, companies, the public sector and organizations in the region and beyond means that we strive to be a sustainable and socially responsible Faculty.

An important component of the research work is also the presentation of research results and achievements. The researchers present their achievements in the form of contributions at the domestic and international conferences and also in the scientific and technical journals. The most important results of the scientific-research work can be found at the following link.  

Research areas at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences:

  • Organization and Management,
  • Human resource and educational systems,
  • Business and work systems engineering,
  • Informatics and information systems,
  • Decision-making theory and decision-making support systems,
  • Electronic commerce,
  • Project Management,
  • Modernisation of business processes,
  • Multimedia systems,
  • Quality Management and
  • Sustainable development and environmental management.

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