Enterprise Engineering

A modern working environment in any organization demands knowledge and understanding of business and production environments, and engineering systems in the broadest possible sense. The implementation of tasks in the key engineering processes and in the context of the managerial jobs requires critical thinking and analytical solving of business problems.

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The aim of the Study Programmes, managed by Department of Enterprise Engineering, is to educate the students in terms of:

  • Knowledge and understanding of business and production environments and engineering systems,
  • Use and development of engineering methods and techniques in construction, organization, and systems’ management,
  • Critical thinking and analytical problem solving,
  • Competent management of engineering business and production systems.

Graduates of the Study Programmes understand the systems' engineering and are capable of managing business, work, and organizational processes at all levels of organization. The graduates also manage knowledge from the fields of Planning, Project Management, Product Development, Ergonomics, rationalisation of Engineering Systems, Environmental Protection, Quality Management, sustainable development, etc.

The graduates know how to organize the processes, manage the logistics of business and production systems and manage their effectiveness, motivate the employees for sustainable development of an excellent organization, and to take care for the humanisation and rationalisation of business and production environments.

The types and cycles of study of the Enterprise Engineering Programme:

Undergraduate Studies (First-Cycle)

Postgraduate Studies