Enterprise Engineering

The name of the Programme: Enterprise Engineering

The title obtained by the graduate: diplomirani organizator (VS), diplomirana organizatorka (VS) (Higher Education Diploma)

Duration: The study takes 3 years (6 semesters).

The objective of the Programme: The main objective of the Enterprise Engineering Higher Professional Studies is to train the students into an expert who:

  • Understands the operation and engineering in business and work systems,
  • Implements and adapts himself/herself to the work in business processes with the acquired business, technical, and managerial knowledge successfully and, in doing so, uses the engineering principles of the modern environments,
  • Uses and develops methods and techniques for successful and effective organization and management of business systems and perceives learning as a life-long process.

Subject-specific competencies

Graduates of the Enterprise Engineering Professional Study Programme shall have the appropriate level of competence for:

  • Operational setup, management and maintenance of the core – transformational process in the environment in which it operates (construction or engineering of processes for business and production systems),
  • Organization and engineering of processes for product development (products and/or services),
  • Organization and engineering of products and/or services production planning and management processes,
  • Organization, engineering and coordination of processes, intended for the production of products and/or services,
  • Organization, engineering and coordination of Project Management processes,
  • Organization, engineering and coordination of Quality Control processes,
  • Optimization of norms for labour, materials, means of production, deadlines, tolerance, etc. in engineering systems,
  • Maintenance of integral and partial business and work systems’ organization,
  • Prediction and deployment of equipment and means of production,
  • Organization of transport,
  • Definition of uniform standards for products and services engineering and production,
  • Supervision of efficiency of the business and production systems’ engineering,
  • Identification of the work contributions of groups, teams, or units,
  • Motivation of employees for success at work,
  • Innovations,
  • Mastering the basics of engineering systems and environmental protection,
  • Rational use of informational technology for the support of the core-transformation process, etc.

Profile of a graduate

A graduate shall have the abilities to use and develop methods and techniques for a successful and efficient engineering in business and production systems.

  • Curriculum 2022/2023
  • Curriculum 2023/2024

    Course unit Lecturer ECTS

    Contact hours

    Basics Of Quantitative Methods I J. Jerebic 7 90
    Business English A. Tratnik 5 51
    Basics of Business Management M. Marič 6 63
    Introduction To Law A. Igličar 6 63
    Computer Science And Informatics R. Leskovar, A. Baggia 6 78
    Organization And Management P. Šprajc 8 75
    Personnel Management M. Bernik 7 63
    Basic Principles Of Nature Sciences And Technology M. Senegačnik 8 63
    Basics Of Quantitative Methods Ii J. Jerebic 7 78


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Methods And Techniques Of Project Work T. Kern 8 69
    Management Of Production System D. Mežnar 8 69
    Product And Process Development B. Urh 7 66
    Basics Of Quantitative Methods III A. Brezavšček, M. Urh 7 66
    Ergonomics Z. Balantič 6 66
    Quality Engineering D. Maletič 6 66
    Risks And Crisis Management T. Ivanuša 6 66
    Elective subject 1   6 66
    Elective subject 2   6 66

    Second Year - Elective subjects (student selects two of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Computer System Architecture And Communications  G. Lenart 6 66
    Enterprise Systems G. Lenart 6 66
    Micrologistic Processes M. Urh 6 66
    Management Of Supply Networks For Products And Services D. Mežnar 6 66
    Marketing G. Vukovič 6 66


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Organization Of Production Processes B. Urh 6 63
    Reliability And Availability Engineering A. Brezavšček 6 63
    Maintenance Management D. Maletič 6 63
    Engineering Of Environmental Protection M. Senegačnik 6 63
    Elective subject 1   6 63
    Professional Skils G. Vukovič 20 10
    Diploma Thesis M. Bernik, A. Brezavšček 10 10

    Third Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Introduction to Business Planning M. Marič 6 63
    E-Business G. Lenart 6 63
    Decision Support Systems U. Rajkovič 6 63


  • The curriculum and course syllabuses that apply to the generations of students enrolled in the first year of study in the academic year 2023/24 are available HERE

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