Faculty Bodies

The Faculty’s governing bodies are listed below:

  • Dean, who, as the Faculty’s Expert Manager, also has other powers provided for in the Statute and General Acts of the University, or the powers which are transferred to him by the University’s Rector.
  • The Senate of the Faculty with its Commissions, as an expert body of the University’s member, composed of the higher education lecturers and scientific workers employed at the University of Maribor, and the students.
  • The Management Board of the Faculty, which controls the operation of the member in the matters of a material nature with regard to decisions adopted by the member’s Dean in the managing and holding of the resources acquired by the University’s member in legal transactions, in its own name and for its own account.
  • For the purposes of handling and concluding about the issues from the field of study that are important for the students, the University’s member has a Student Council
  • The Faculty’s body is also the Academic Assembly of the University’s member composed of all the higher education lecturers, scientific workers, and higher education colleagues, together with the representatives of students, elected by the Student Council of the member.

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