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Ordinance on the temporary prohibition of gathering people in educational institutions

On Friday, 23 October 2020, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia announced the Ordinance on the Temporary Prohibition of Gathering People in Institutions in the Field of Education and Universities and Independent Higher Education Institutions, which temporarily prohibits the gathering of people in institutions in the field of education and universities and independent higher education institutions. The decree will come into force on Monday, October 26, 2020.

Universities and independent higher education institutions are thus closed to all activities where the physical presence of students is required, including tutorials and student research work. The implementation of the study process will take place exclusively at a distance.

During the validity of the Ordinance on the temporary ban on gathering people in institutions in the field of education and universities and independent higher education institutions, the Office for Student Affairs is available via e-mail and by phone during office hours.

It is also possible to RENT LIBRARY MATERIAL BY MAIL.

You can order it by e-mail Members can only order a small amount of material that they urgently need to complete their study obligations.

We will send the material by registered mail, the cost is covered by the client. You will pay the cost when you first visit the library:

shipment up to 1,000 g (e. g. one larger or two smaller books) = EUR 3.00

shipment up to 2,000 g = 4.00 EUR

Users can extend the borrowed material by e-mail or via the Cobiss + online service, My Library.

Now is the time to make the most of remote access to e-resources.

For all information you can contact or at

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