43rd International Scientific Conference on Organizational Science Development

20. 03. 2024 to 22. 03. 2024
09:00 to 15:00

43rd International Scientific Conference on Organizational Science Development
20th – 22nd March 2024| Portoroz, Slovenia

The 43rd International Scientific Conference on the Development of Organizational Science will be held in Portorož from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2024. The main thrust of the conference will be to promote the importance of knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective through academic and scientific debates and professional developments from the economic and non-economic worlds. The conference aims to emphasize the importance of national and international knowledge and competencies that enable better and more comprehensive development of individuals, organizations, and society. Changes in all environments dictate a broader perception of the interconnectivity of knowledge and competencies from different scientific and applied fields as a pillar of the development dimension. Both in the educational sphere and among employers, the importance of a diversified spectrum of skills and competencies is being recognized as a stepping stone to an interdisciplinary leap toward a better tomorrow.

By bringing together national and international participants in an international scientific conference, we aim to stimulate the development trends perceived by organizations and society. It is undoubtedly more important than ever to take decisions that generate synergies between innovation, different sciences, and applied approaches, and to promote changes in business models that will lead to a sustainable and socially responsible development environment. In 2024, the linking of academic knowledge with expert solutions from business and non-economy should continue to be a springboard for stimulating the mindset of all of us working within organizations. In Portorož, we will reconnect opinions, views, and scientific and professional debates that will stimulate future action for all of us, both within organizations and in society at large.

More information about the conference and imporatant dates are available on the conference web site: https://konferenca.fov.um.si/en/homepage/.

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