Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems

The name of the Programme: Organization and Management of Human Resources and Educational Systems

The title obtained by the graduate: diplomirani organizator (UN), diplomirana organizatorka (UN) (University Degree)

Duration: The study takes 3 years (6 semesters).

The objective of the Programme: The essential aim of the Programme is to provide the graduates with a wide range of knowledge, which includes the organizations’ operation. The Programme equips graduates with the knowledge and tools enabling the organization of business processes on the one hand and the monitoring of behavioural forms of employees and their professional performances on the other. The additional in-depth knowledge from the fields of Human Resources and Educational Systems enables the graduate both the management and organization of personnel processes, as well as problem solving among the employees in the organization.

Subject-specific competences

The professional profile of a graduate is founded on theoretical knowledge and scientific approach, systems analysis, inclusion of research work into the educational process, and on complex problem-solving. The graduates are qualified to implement, plan, develop, research, and manage the personnel activities within an organization. As knowledge on personnel, information and production and business processes intertwines constantly throughout the studies, the graduates’ professional profile enables the development of a wide spectrum of competences, providing efficient management of: Planning, evaluation of intellectual potential, selection, informing, motivation, rewarding and progress of employees; determination of the required and actual competences; labour-legal relations; identifying the needs for new knowledge, planning, implementation, evaluation of education, transfer and management of knowledge; use of personnel information expert tools; innovation of personnel processes; and management of research and development projects.

The graduate shall master the development of personnel and educational systems, project design and professional management of personnel and educational performance, development and maintenance of personnel information systems, management and realisation of personnel and educational projects, and the management of personnel and educational services. Moreover, the graduate will also be trained to design the personnel strategy and development policy, and to manage the personnel systems and educational organizations.

The subject competences are indicated in each curriculum in the section entitled “Transferable/Key Skills and Other Attributes”. The subject competence is an action (skill), which is developed to the extent that it enables the individuals to perform the activity in the workflow to which it relates. The subject competence entails a direct application of the specialist knowledge. The subject competences are developed in the process of simulations, experiments, and with direct application of knowledge in order to solve problems.

Profile of a graduate

A graduate shall have the abilities to implement, plan, develop, research, and manage the personnel, educational, and organizational activities.

  • Curriculum

    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Mathematics A. Žnidaršič 7 120
    Business English A. Tratnik 5 60
    Introduction To Law A. Igličar 6 75
    Organization  Theory And Basics Of Management J. Kovač 6 60
    Organizational Behavior G. Miglič 6 75
    Organization Of Business Processes T. Kern 7 75
    Human Resource Management M. Bernik 7 75
    Computer Science And Informatics R. Leskovar 8 75
    The Human Resource Function In  Organizations V. Novak 8 90


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Education Theory E. Jereb 7 75
    Job Systemization And Evaluation P. Šprajc 8 75
    Labour Market V. Novak 7 75
    Business Economics And Accounting   8 105
    Crisis Management P. Šprajc, I. Podbregar 6 75
    Marketig G. Vukovič 6 90
    Statistics A. Brezavšček 6 90
    Labour Law B. Vavtar 6 75
    Elective subject 1   6 90

    Second Year - Elective subjects (student selects one of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Office Automation B. Šmitek 6 90
    Operational Research And Stochastic Processes A. Brezavšček, D. Kofjač 6 90


    Course unit Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Business Communication M. Ferjan 6 75
    Human Resource Planning M. Bernik 6 75
    Selection Procedures I. Podbregar 6 75
    Project Management T. Kern 8 75
    Management In Education M. Ferjan 6 75
    Human Resource Training Methodology G. Vukovič 6 75
    Elective subject 1   6 75
    Elective subject 2   6 75
    Diploma Thesis Z. Balantič, A. Žnidaršič 10 10

    Third Year - Elective subjects (student selects two of the following elective subjects):

    Subject Lecturer ECTS Contact hours
    Inovation Management M. Maletič 6 75
    Entrepreneurship V. Kampuš Trop 6 75
    Human Resources Information Systems

    M. Kljajić Borštnar, A. Pucihar

    6 75
    Career Planning I. Podbregar 6 75